Many people want options for maintaining their hair without the chemicals.  A Smoothing Treatment is an option that fits this requirement.  The natural next question is, what is a Smoothing Treatment?

A Smoothing Treatment is a smoothing system to improve hair texture, transforming rough, frizzy hair texture to smooth, sleek hair with a shiny finish without the use of formaldehyde. Since a Smoothing Treatment is a non-chemical, the natural hair can revert back to its original texture. Hair will be more manageable, meaning you will be able to wash, blow-dry, and style the hair. Continued work is involved for the client when this treatment is performed.  The hair will not stay straight permanently.

A Smoothing Treatment is for all hair textures and all ethnicities. If your hair is chemically damaged, a Smoothing Treatment will work for you.  If you are currently transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair, Smoothing Treatment will work for you.  Even if you want to correct a cowlick, or want the hair to part to the other side, a Smoothing Treatment can be the remedy.

Let get into a little more detail about a Smoothing Treatment.

The Process

Before any service is performed, a consultation is given.  Your stylist will examine your hair, ask questions about your hair history, and suggest a treatment that best suits your needs. Your hair is shampooed twice, toweled dry, and sprayed with leave-in spray.  Your hair is parted into 4-6 sections.  The Smoothing Treatment is then applied to the hair from the scalp to the ends and the product is combed through. Once the section has been completed, the client is placed under the steamer for 45-60 minutes.  The hair then gets blow-dryed and flat ironed.

With the humidity a Smoothing Treatment can revert the hair to its natural texture.  You can re-flat iron the hair.  Again, maintenance is involved with a Smoothing Treatment.  When re-flat ironing. its recommended that the sections are no more then ¼” and use heat protection.

Q & A’s

Why would a person choose a Smoothing Treatment vs. Silk Press?

A Silk Press is a temporary way to keep your straight and will revert the instant that moisture, sweat or humidity touches the hair. If you want your straight hair to last a little longer, then it is recommended you get a Smoothing Treatment or Keratin options.

What is the difference between the Smoothing Treatment and Keratin Treatment?

Smoothing Treatment is not a chemical and can last in the hair up to 12 weeks. Your hair texture will revert back when shampooing your hair. Keratin Treatment is a chemical and will reduce your curl or wave pattern between 30-50% and this can last up to 6 months with boosters.

What to expect when getting a Smoothing Treatment?

A Smoothing Treatment is a process and can take up to 4 hours to complete. This service includes shampoo, the treatment, blow-dry, and flat iron style. We will show you how to maintain the treatment. For 72 hours it is required NOT to wash the hair and NOT to wear hair ties.

How to manage your hair after getting a Smoothing Treatment?

Hair wrapping or pin curling is suggested to maintain the look. For shine, it’s highly recommended to use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. We offer a monthly maintenance called Booster Treatment to help with the new hair growth. For hair washing, we suggest sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Always use heat protectant before flat ironing the hair to prevent heat damage.

Who’s a candidate for a Smoothing Treatment?

If you want your hair to be more manageable or is chemically damage, this treatment is for you. If you are looking for a treatment that has no chemicals and want to keep your current hair texture, then this treatment is for you.

Is a Smoothing Treatment a chemical?

No, a Smoothing Treatment is not a chemical.

How long does the Smoothing Treatment last?

The Smoothing Treatment can last up to 8-12 weeks with proper maintenance.

How to get 12 weeks out of your Smoothout Treatment?

Using the proper shampoo, conditioner, serum and heat protectant can help with the longevity of your Smoothout Treatment. Also visiting the salon monthly for the Booster Treatment, which can help with the new growth will help to maintain the treatment even longer.

What products can I use to maintain the Smoothing Treatment?

Products that are sulfate free and salon brand products. Using non-salon brands can destroy the life span of the Smoothing Treatment.

Can I get the Smoothing Treatment if my hair is chemically treated?

Yes, if your hair is chemically treated, you can get a Smoothing Treatment, however it is recommended that a consultation is performed to confirm.

Can children get a Smoothing Treatment?

Children can receive Smoothing Treatment.

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