How Long Will My Silk Press Last?


This is an extremely common question for women who have natural hair. If you google the term, you will find a variety of blog articles that say anywhere from one to three weeks, if done properly. Personally, I feel that the question is actually too general and will not give you the answer that will pertain to you and your hair.


First off, location matters. For natural hair in Jacksonville, Florida, we deal with high humidity. For natural hair straightening, water(humidity) is the enemy. This humidity will definitely affect the lifespan of your blowout.

Second, your lifestyle matters. Are you working out and sweating? Are you indoors our outside for long periods of time? These details actually matter. Is your hair trained? Is this your first silk press in a year or do you get them done bi-weekly? Do you think that those two different scenarios will have different results? The answer is yes clearly.. If your hair is trained you will have different results.

Third, there is a misconception that all African Americans have the same hair texture. This is very far from the truth. And those different textures are going to last for different periods of time.

Fourth, condition of your hair/scalp. Your hair history matters. Are you coming out of braids? What is the integrity of your hair? How dry is your hair/scalp?

Fifth, how are you maintaining your silk press? Are you wrapping your hair as much as possible?

We are starting on a video series to help educate our viewers on their natural hair journey. There is not a one size fits all answer to the initial question. But we are looking forward to help provide you with the tools to make your natural hair as healthy as it can be. There are options for your natural hair and we are going to share some options with you. Subscribe to our YouTube channel below to get notifications of these videos.

April Addo
Corasp The Salon
Owner/Master Stylist



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