What to expect when booking online?

At Corasp the Salon, we offer online booking as a tool for our guests to avoid waiting and make the process easier when getting a service. With just a few clicks, you can secure your time slot with your service provider for your hair service. This process also eliminates the hassle of guests having to carry cash or remember to bring their credit cards to their appointment. Booking online helps to streamline lengthy checkout processes and enhance the customer experience. 

How to book:

The process is relatively simple, click on the Book Online button. Once you get to the book online, you first click on the category for the service that you are looking for, for example Blow Dry Bar. Then you select on the service, ex. Silk Press. If you are looking for a specific service provider, you can select the stylist’s name or select any to find any stylist that is available at the day and time that you are needing. The next step is to select the date that you are looking for by clicking on the date field. Once you’ve selected the date, click on the Next button. You will see a list of times that are available on the next screen, so just click the time that works best for you. On the next screen you will see your cart with the service and service provider selected, if you need to add an additional service, you can do this by clicking book more, or you can click Next to continue. Add your name, phone and email address (these will be used to send you notifications about your appointment). In the comments box, please leave any details that would be good for your service provider to know, for example you have shoulder length hair and have previously used box color. After, entering the details, click next. Here you will enter your payment details. Once completed, you will receive a notification confirming your appointment. 

Why do I need to pay to make an appointment?

Payment for the service is required when booking an appointment online to secure the appropriate time slot with your service provider. When you book an appointment online, it eliminates the waiting and dedicates that amount of time to you for your service. Guests also have the option to walk-in however, we may or may not be able to service you at that time without an appointment. If you’re not sure of exactly what you need, we recommend booking a consultation where the fee will be applied to your service. It is very disruptive to stylists and guests when the appropriate amount of time isn’t allotted for a service and can throw the entire day off other guests. If you have any questions about booking online, please call us at 904-410-1013.

Why may I need to pay more when in the salon? 

The prices listed on the website are starting prices for that service. On the service menu you will find that each price has a + at the end. While we try our best to make selections as easy as possible for booking online, there are times where a person may not be a candidate for a specific service. Also, not all of the services online account for length and density of your hair. Some services may require additional products and service time to accomplish the end result. This is why the prices on our menu are the starting price for each service. Every guest that comes into the salon will have a consultation with their service provider prior to starting any service. In this consultation, your service provider will analyze your hair, confirm exactly what you’re looking for, provide options based on your need, advise if there is anything else additionally needed, and advise on how to maintain the service. 


While we love families and children at Corasp The Salon, we are concerned for their safety. Whenever possible, please bring children in only when they have an appointment in the salon.

Late Arrivals:

Our scheduling is designed to permit the appropriate amount of time to complete your service. In fairness to others, we ask you to give us at least a 15 minute notice of your expected tardiness. If you are not able to make your appointment time and will be more than 15 minutes late, we will do our best to accommodate you, however, it may be necessary to reschedule you.


Your appointment time at Corasp The Salon is scheduled specifically for you. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, a 24 hour notice is requested.  All services(other than an emergency) rescheduled or cancelled with less than 24 hour notice will be charged 50% of the scheduled service(s). If appointments are missed with no prior notification, 100% of the service(s) will be charged.

What about the fun part? 

At Corasp The Salon, we truly love what we do. We get to build amazing relationships with amazing people, while making you look and feel great. Our core principle is caring about people. You’re going to have a great time during your service. It’s busy out there in the world, when you come into the salon we want you to feel relaxed in a modern atmosphere. Enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages with your service. And if you need to take care of a little work, you can pull up to our color bar and connect to our Wi-Fi and get things done. If you want to have great conversation or just need a little quiet time, we’ve got you covered. As mentioned above, if you have any questions regarding booking online, please feel free to call us now at 904-410-1013, we can’t wait to hear from you.